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Coffee Grains

Coffee tree berries are picked, dried and stripped until all that's left is a green bean.

Coffee Grains Macro

Just Cranberries

The health-giving, antioxidant-rich cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), is native to swamps and bogs of NE America and it is actually a member of the Heather (Ericaceae), family.

Blue Water drop

A drop is a small column of liquid, bounded entirely, or almost so, by free surfaces. Its surface is subject to constant perpendicular stress and zero parallel shear stress,

Cranberries, Ericaceae family
Blue Water Splash Macro View

Water Demon Rising

An unusual shape. Water droplets comprise water molecules, strongly attracted to one another. As the molecules are pulled with equal force, the result is usually spherical.

Water Splash Macro View


Water has a very high surface tension. When the volume of water is small, surface tension is by far the strongest force at work. This force is responsible for the amazing splashes seen.

Macro View of a Water Splash 'Bead'

Little Water Spike

Splash effects such as this one are the result of recoil or rebound effects of the surface responding to the sudden disturbance caused by a drop of water hitting the liquid surface.

Macro View Of A Water Spike Splash


Nature's Little Miracles


Love-In-A-Mist 'Serpents'


Love-In-A-Mist Macro Beauty


DSC_0044 ed1 s30 f56 Neat WM new 16x12
DSC_0073 ed1 2s f29 Neat WM 16x12
DSC_0078 ed1 1s f29 3tubes Neat WM 16x12
DSC_0088 ed3 WM 1024 16x12
DSC_0100 1s f29 1024 Neat ed1 WM 12x10cm

Love-In-A-Mist in Macro

Love And Lavender


Fig in Red Light

Fig - mono 2

DSC_0498 ed3 WM 6x8
DSC_0704 ed6 bw WM 8x6
DSC_0704 ed6 WM 8x6

Quack and Cluck

Fig in White Light

Fig - mono 1

DSC_0529 ed4 WM 6x8
DSC_0675 ed6 bw WM 8x6
DSC_0675 ed7 WM 8x6

Smokin Chili Blue

Pencil Vortex - mono 2

Pencil Vortex - mono 3

DSC_0175 ed8 WM 6x8
DSC_0425 ed1 bw2 WM 8x6
DSC_0425 ed1 bwir WM 8x6

Smokin Chili Green

Pencil Whorl

Pencil Vortex - mono 1

DSC_0175 ed12 WM 6x8
DSC_0425 ed1 WM 8x6
DSC_0435 ed1 bw2 WM 8x6

Harmonica Silver

Harmonica Gold

Time's Running Out

DSC_0104 ed2b WM 8x6
DSC_0080 ed4 WM 8x6

An Impossible Pear

A Heart Revealed

A Heart Laid Open

DSC_0044 ed1 bw1 8x6
DSC_0044 ed1 8x6
DSC_0360 ed3 WM ed1 6x8
DSC_0302 ed2d bw newspaper wavy distort WM 6x5

A Rustic Country Table

A Rustic Country Table G

His Quiet Hour

DSC_0047 ed2 WM 8x6
DSC_0004 2nd lot ed1 Vintage Photo 4 2400 for FB WM 2 8x6
DSC_0056 ed1 WM 8x6


DSC_0039 ed5 WM 8x6


Harmonica Silver

Sweet Nothings


Green Lanterns

The Colour Purple

Red Poppies

Moonlit Red Poppies

Green Lanterns
The Colour Purple
Sweet Nothings
Moonlit Red Poppies
Red Poppies

A Treat Before Bedtime

Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice
A Treat Before Bedtime

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