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The Marshes At Dusk - Afon Tywi Meets the Sea
Boardwalk Over Lily Ponds
Burry Estuary Gower Cocklers and Cockling
The Jetty at Ferryside to Llansteffan
Stackpole Quay, Pembrokeshire
Crimson Seascape - Where the Tywi meets the sea
White Cattle Bull at Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
Dr Who ? No. A Springer Spaniel waits for a call
The Lighthouse
Welsh Castle
Worm's Head and Rhossili Bay. Voted Best British Beach, 2014
West Wales Harbour
White Cattle Heifer at Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire
Newton House, Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
Forgotten Ways
The Path

The Marshes At Dusk

At the end of a cool but sunny Autumnal day, dusk settles peacefully over the estuary of the River Tywi. Only the mournful cry of a curlew can be heard permeating the stillness.

Under A Silver Sky

A zig-zagging wooden walkway leads the eye across rich lily ponds teeming with life.

On The Trail Of The Cocklers

As a region famous for its cockling traditions, spanning back to Roman times, cockles are harvested from the sandy flats and are eaten locally and exported as a delicacy worldwide.

The View From The Jetty

As recently as 1905 a passenger ferry would set sail from here, and cross the tidal Tywi to the picturesque village of Llansteffan. As of 2013 discussions are afoot to reinstate it.

At Stackpole Quay

Part of a stunning nature reserve, Stackpole Quay was built in the 18th century to ship in goods to the big country house of Stackpole Court, and to ship out quarried limestone.

Crimson Seascape

Far and high above a tranquil landscape, a vapour trail reminder of the modern age.

The Bull

White Park Cattle, a very old and rare breed of cattle, have been kept in Britain for more than 2,000 years. They are closely related to prized wild White Cattle of Medieval times.

Emergency Shower 999

A patiently attendant English Springer Spaniel stands by in this surreal scene in rural West Wales. Who will emerge? A wet and soapy superhero? Or, perhaps even, a Time Lord?

Land of Castles and Princesses

Welsh castles are impressive structures and most were constructed in the 12th, or 13th, centuries. Many, like this one in West Wales, were built to keep out the local inhabitants.

The Tryst

Watching the sun go down over Worm's Head, on the beautiful Gower Peninsula.

Little Lighthouse

This small reflector lighthouse, built in 1842, looks out upon Gower and beyond.

Lady Of The Manor

In 1973 the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed, choosing the White Park cattle breed as its logo. Since then numbers of this breed surviving have risen from 60 to almost 800.

Welsh Harbour

As busy as it gets down in West Wales, this relatively modern harbour and marina development is home to the bobbing boats of pleasure seekers and fishermen alike.

It's Behind You !

Popular with surfers, Whitesands beach in West Wales, boasts waves up to 10 feet high. At this beautiful, unspoilt spot, the impressive crags of Carn Llidi and Penbiri guard the bay.

The House

Newton House, an 18th century Gothic mansion in a remote corner of South West Wales. Visit on a Winter's day and dare you wander between it's ancient creaking walls ?

Just Good Friends

In my country, Wales, our woolly friends outnumber humans 3:1. No jokes please !

The Path

Sometimes, in some places, some 'things' are best NOT left to the vivid imagination.

Forgotten Ways

Two Roads. I took the one less traveled by. . . . And that has made all the difference.

Bluebell Wood

A rich carpet of English bluebells brings back memories of spring ... and woodland walks.

The Boathouse

Located near the village of Lamberhurst in the valley of the river Bewl in Kent, England, the old, decaying, lakeside boathouse of the Scotney Castle estate, has seen better days.

Scents Of Summer

Beyond this French cottage garden, a pebble stone courtyard, an old stone country home, crochet laced windows, blue watering cans, provence cloth, pressed glass, wire baskets.

A Welsh Bluebell Woodland
The Old Boathouse in the Grounds of Beautiful Scotney Castle, Kent
Scents Of Summer GPweb WM 12x10

All That Remains

Many a ship setting sail from North America heading for Dublin, Bristol, or even France, has, due to stormy, gale-ridden Irish Seas, foundered helplessly on the wild Welsh coast.


Talley's sacred burial ground is looked down upon by majestic ruins of its (c. 1187), abbey.

Welsh Sheep

On a remote and desolate wind-ravaged beach somewhere in the beautiful wilds of West Wales, a lone surfer weighs up the pros and cons of riding the chill December tides.

Edge Of Bluebell Wood

Deer are not known to forage for bluebells, but, with the native English bluebell now under severe threat from its invasive Spanish relative, it pays to enclose precious habitats.

At The Edge Of Bluebell Wood, Parc Dinefwr

Red Clover

In the middle ages red clover was worn as a charm to ward off evil spirits and witches.

Red Clover, Guardian Against Evil Spirits

Medusa's Cottage

Standing eerily behind this little cottage in a remote part of West Wales, a lone survivor of a petrified forest. It's flailing imbs creating an illusion not unlike Medusa's serpent tresses.

A Long Dead Oak Towers Eerily Over A Tiny Welsh Cottage Between Carmarthen And Llandeilo

Hunter's Moon

Fields have been reaped and deer are fat and ready for eating. So called because hunters can ride easily over the fields' stubble, where foxes and other animals are easily spotted.

The Woods

A haze of bluebells in a dappled shade wood. The epitome of an early summer in Britain.

Signs Of Springtime

In springtime, swathes of bluebells carpet the ground beneath awakening beech trees. Such woodlands are ideal for walkers wishing to stroll beneath the sun dappled canopies.

A Dappled Canopy Of Beech Leaves Heralds In Springtime In Wales
An October Hunter's Moon
Bluebell Woodland, Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo
Ancient Remains of a Shipwreck On The 'Silk Back'.
Talley Church Graveyard and Talley Abbey Nearby

Bosherston In Bleak Mid-Winter

Pembrokeshire's Bosherston Lakes are part of a National Nature Reserve. They are home to otters, wildfowl and dragonflies, but best known for their carpets of water lilies in June.

Whitesands Surfer, Pembrokeshire
Bosherston Lake, Pembrokeshire. Beautifully Stark On A Bleak Mid-Winter's Day


Braving The Winter Waves

Mr Whiskers

Cuddling Squirrels

Let Me Tell You A Secret

DSC_0087 ed2 WM 16x12cm
DSC_0123 WM new 16x12cm
DSC_0170 WM new 16x12cm
DSC_0147 ed1 wm 12x16cm
DSC_0092 ed1 1024 WM new 16x12cm
DSC_0097 ed1 1024 WM 16x12cm

Optical Ill-ewe-sion

Playing Peek-A-Boo


The Curious Sheep

Walk With Me

Guiting Power

Cotswold Way

Beeches Of Bronze

DSC_0043 ed1 WM 12x16cm
DSC_0293 ed2 WM 12x16cm
DSC_0436 ed1 16x12 WM 16x12cm
DSC_0724 WM new 16x12cm

Just Berries

The Avenue

DSC_0010 ed3 WM 10x12cm
DSC_0510 ed1 WM 10x12cm
DSC_0550 WM new 16x12cm

Barton Bushes, The Cotswolds

Marloes Sands

DSC_0474 WM new 10x12cm
DSC_0809 ed2 WM 12x10cm
DSC_0232 ed1 1024 WM new 16x12cm

Two Friendly Donkeys

Through A Gateway

DSC_0316 ed1 WM16x12cm

Hidcote Sundial

Autumn Leaf 8x6 WM

Autumn Leaf

The Broken Heart Tree 6x8

The Broken Heart

A Fairy's Grotto

A Table For Elves

A Table For Elves 8x6 WM
A Fairy's Grotto 8x6 WM
Beyond The Fence 5x6 WM

Beyond The Fence



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Bluebell Wood

St Catherine's Isle

Worm's Head Engulfed In Sea Mist

The Tower


The Prairie, At Pembrey

The Edge Of The Marsh



Bluebell Wood
The Tower
St Catherine's Island
Worm's Head Engulfed In Sea Mist
The Prairie, At Pembrey
The Edge Of The Marsh

A Country Road

Beyond The Fence

Puffin At Roost

Love On The Rocks

Waiting For Supper

The Remains Of The Day

Kymer's Way

The Fence

Sunset On The Gwendraeth Marshes

Cydweli Marshes At Dusk

Beyond The Fence
Love On The Rocks
Puffin At Roost
A Country Road
Waiting For Supper
The Remains Of The Day
Sunset On The Gwendraeth Marshes
Cydweli Marshes At Dusk
Kymer's Way
The Fence

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