Watching Mum And Dad


Early Bumblebee Bombus pratorum on Cotoneaster Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
Broad Scarlet Dragonfly Crocothemis erythraea Honeybee on Bachelor's Button Cornflower Centaurea montana
White Cattle Bull at Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
House Sparrows Passer domesticus
Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
House Sparrow Passer domesticus
Honeybee on Bachelor's Button Cornflower Centaurea Montana White Cattle Heifer at Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire
Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
House Sparrow Passer domesticus Blue-TailedDemoiselles, Ischnura elegans. Dragonfies' mating wheel.
Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia Exmoor Pony And Foal Robin, Erithacus rubecula Honeybee on Bachelor's Button Cornflower Centaurea montana Early Bumblebee

Red Dragon

The Broad Scarlet Dragonfly (Crocothemis erythraea), also known as the Scarlet Darter, is a common species in S.Europe and N.Africa It is very rarely found on the British Isles.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais urticae), is common in Britain and often seen feeding on Buddleja. Its larger counterpart, though officially extinct in the UK, does occur.

The Early Bumblebee

The Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum), or Early Nesting Bumblebee. This female is feeding on Cotoneaster. They also love to forage on daisies, white clover and lavender.

Honeybee Pollinating Cornflower

Apis mellifera, the honeybee, pollinating a perennial cornflower (Centaurea montana), or Bachelor's Button. The flower, though not native to Britain, can be found in the wild.

The Beautiful Butterfly

The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly is in decline in parts of Britain. A parasitic fly, Sturmia bella, lays its eggs on its favourite food plants and they are then eaten by this beauty.

The Bull

White Park Cattle, a very old and rare breed of cattle, have been kept in Britain for more than 2,000 years. They are closely related to prized wild White Cattle of Medieval times.

As Though Kissing

The House Sparrow, Passer domesticus, is the most widely distributed bird worldwide. UK numbers have lately declined drastically. Here, a male shares 'lunch' with his mate.

Sitting Pretty

Normally seen from the end of March, but even December UK sightings do occur.

On The Lookout

Sadly, when at their most abundant a century ago, there were a number of sparrow 'clubs' in the UK whose members competed to kill the most birds in a year. How could they ?

Tortoiseshell Butterfly At Rest

Courtship behaviour of Tortoiseshells is peculiar. A male approaches the female from behind, drums his antennae on her wings; A feint sound audible even to the human ear.

Homing In

The name Apis mellifera comes from the Latin, Apis, for bee, melli- for honey, and ferre, 'to bear'. Thus the scientific name translates as 'honey-bearing bee'.

Lady Of The Manor

In 1973 the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed, choosing the White Park cattle breed as its logo. Since then numbers of this breed surviving have risen from 60 to almost 800.

Golden Globes

Buddleja globosa, an attractive golden yellow globed variety, also known as the Orange Ball Tree, is a magnet for butterflies such as the Small Tortoiseshell, pictured here.

Posing For The Camera

House Sparrows are so adaptable, they have been found living and breeding 2000ft below ground in a coalmine; Others are known to live their whole lives inside warehouses.

Blue-tailed Demoiselles

In 'mating wheel' formation. Damselflies (here Ischnura elegans), differ from dragonflies in that their wings are closed at rest. The male is the upper damselfly here.

Just Good Friends

In my country, Wales, our woolly friends outnumber humans 3:1. No jokes please !

Basking In The Sun

Insects are cold blooded creatures, and this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly makes the most of the summer sunshine by sunning itself on golden Buddleja globosa blossom. Bliss !

Exmoor Mother And Foal

Though similar looking and living within close proximity of Dartmoor ponies, the Exmoor' is a different breed and on the 'endangered' list. Exmoor ponies have no white markings.


Male Early Bumblebee feeding on Tayberry blossom. A recent survey shows that solitary bees are twice as likely to pollinate flowers they visit as their more colonial counterparts.

The Watcher

The Robin (Erithacus rubecula), was named Britain's National Bird on 1960. Each robin has an unique breast pattern, and can (with difficulty) be recognised individually.

Early Bumblebee Male Feeding

Bumblebees feed on both nectar and pollen. Nectar is a sugary liquid which gives bees energy. Pollen is full of protein. It helps the body to grow and is also fed to young bees.

Making A Bee Line

Ever noticed how bees reject some flowers in favour of others? Research has shown that bees are able to scent the strength of nectar present, as well as odours left by other bees.

You Have My . . . .

Goats are inquisitive and intelligent and it is common that a  female leads a trip, or herd.

The Inquisitive Billy Goat

Hanging On For Life

Male bumblebees are adept at clinging to flowers. Even upside down. To help facilitate this, tibia of its hind legs are convex, whereas those of female bumblebees are concave.

Red Dragon At Rest

Rarely seen in the UK, this beautiful male Scarlet Darter dragonfly is entirely red. whereas the female is yellow-brown, with a pale streak on its thorax, between its wings.

A Sweet But Heavy Load

Pollen is carried back to the nest in pollen baskets on the two hind legs. When both of her baskets are full, they can weigh an incredible 50% of the worker's body weight.

Scarlet Darter Dragonfly Welsh Sheep Male Bumblebee Bumblebee Heavy With Pollen Baskets

An Ancient Breed

Exmoor is an area of high moorland and of outstanding beauty in south western Britain. Exmoor ponies have inhabited the moor since ancient times. It is the oldest British pony.

Exmoor Pony And Foal

Orange Tail

Bumblebees are very effective pollinators of raspberries. In fact, often superiorly to honey bees. Studies with Rubus idaeus in Scotland found that bumblebees outperform them.

A Bumblebee Pollinates A Raspberry Blossom Male Early Bumblebee on Tayberry


facebook_32 Twitter blue small DSC_0137 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0177 ed3 WM 16x12cm DSC_0141 ed2 WM 12x10cm

Looking For A Landing Pad


A Tasty Meal


Hanging On For Supper


Covered In Chocolate


The Insect


DSC_0377 ed2 WM 12x12cm DSC_0319 ed1 WM 12x10cm DSC_0087 ed2 WM 16x12cm DSC_0170 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0820 ed1 WM 12x10cm

Watching The Ladies


Let Me Tell You A Secret


Cuddling Squirrels


DSC_0123 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0158 ed2 WM 12x10cm DSC_0147 ed1 wm 12x16cm DSC_0376 ed1 12x16 WM 12x16cm

Bridging The Gap

Mr Whiskers

Golden Flower

Playing Peek-a-boo

DSC_0092 ed1 1024 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0097 ed1 1024 WM 16x12cm DSC_0232 ed1 1024 WM new 16x12cm

Optical Ill-ewe-sion


Two Friendly Donkeys


The Curious Sheep


DSC_0099 ed2 WM 16x12cm DSC_0131 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0097 WM new 10x12cm DSC_0346 ed1 12x16 WM 2 12x16cm


On The Edge

The Bee

The Kiss

I Can See You

I Can See You 6x8 WM

Bee On Globe Thistle

Bee On Globe Thistle 8x6 WM

Little Chough

The Tearful Squirrel

Here He Comes !

DSC_0742 ed2 WM 8x6 DSC_0149 ed1 WM 8x6 DSC_0146 ed2 WM 8x6

Welsh Winter Robin

Gathering Nuts For Winter

The Beautiful Swallowtail

The Beautiful Swallowtail DSC_0313 ed1 WM 8x6 DSC_0193 ed1 WM 8x6

Who's Watching ?

Twinkle Eyed Duck

On The Lookout

DSC_0032 ed2 WM 6x8 DSC_0047 ed1 WM 8x6 On The Lookout Black Face Goats First Steps He Always Waits

Black Face Goats

First Steps

He Always Waits


Do You Like My New Coat?

The Stare

Do You Like My New Coat? Hello ! The Stare The Improbable Puffin Family Day Out

The Improbable Puffin

Family Day Out

Watching Mum And Dad

Smile For The Camera Stepping Out Shy

Stepping Out


Smile For The Camera

Waiting For Supper


Puffin At Roost

Puffin At Roost Thoughtful Waiting For Supper

Skomer Bunny

Watching For Her Mate

Love On The Rocks

Skomer Bunny Watching For Her Mate Love On The Rocks Longhorn Highland Bull Watching Me

Longhorn Highland Bull

Watching Me



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