Many a ship setting sail from North America heading for Dublin, Bristol, or even France, has, due to stormy, gale-ridden Irish Seas, foundered helplessly on the wild Welsh coast.
All That Remains
Concours des villes et villages fleuris began in 1959, rewarding town 'green space' creation.
St Cyprien
A pretty old fashioned perennial, with its pink flowers and silvery leaves, Dianthus 'Pink', is a favourite amongst those wanting to create the quintessential English cottage garden.
Sea Pink
Talley's sacred burial ground is looked down upon by majestic ruins of its (c. 1187), abbey.
Known scientifically as Myosotis, their name comes from the Greek word 'mus', for mouse, and 'otis', for ears. The latter referring to the leaves that are shaped like little mouse ears.
On a remote and desolate wind-ravaged beach somewhere in the beautiful wilds of West Wales, a lone surfer weighs up the pros and cons of riding the chill December tides.
Braving The Winter Waves
Deer are not known to forage for bluebells, but, with the native English bluebell now under severe threat from its invasive Spanish relative, it pays to enclose precious habitats.
Edge Of Bluebell Wood
In France, the beautiful, informal rambling gardens that we normally refer to as 'cottage gardens', are usually called 'jardin de cure' (priests garden) or the 'grandmothers garden.
La Petite Maison Française
Native bluebells thrive in woodland shade, in moist substrates, rich in organic matter.
A very beautiful sight in French market towns during festival. Each building, tree, street and post is decorated with 'flowers' made from plastic bags of all colours. A treat to behold.
The Day Before 'Carnaval'
In the middle ages red clover was worn as a charm to ward off evil spirits and witches.
Red Clover
Exmoor is an area of high moorland and of outstanding beauty in south western Britain. Exmoor ponies have inhabited the moor since ancient times. It is the oldest British pony.
An Ancient Breed
Standing eerily behind this little cottage in a remote part of West Wales, a lone survivor of a petrified forest. It's flailing imbs creating an illusion not unlike Medusa's serpent tresses.
Medusa's Cottage
Water has a very high surface tension. When the volume of water is small, surface tension is by far the strongest force at work. This force is responsible for the amazing splashes seen.
A haze of bluebells in a dappled shade wood. The epitome of an early summer in Britain.
The Woods
Fields have been reaped and deer are fat and ready for eating. So called because hunters can ride easily over the fields' stubble, where foxes and other animals are easily spotted.
Hunter's Moon
Balcony parasols in the ancient town of Najac. Perfect for those lazy summer evenings.
In springtime, swathes of bluebells carpet the ground beneath awakening beech trees. Such woodlands are ideal for walkers wishing to stroll beneath the sun dappled canopies.
Signs Of Springtime
Splash effects such as this one are the result of recoil or rebound effects of the surface responding to the sudden disturbance caused by a drop of water hitting the liquid surface.
Little Water Spike
Pembrokeshire's Bosherston Lakes are part of a National Nature Reserve. They are home to otters, wildfowl and dragonflies, but best known for their carpets of water lilies in June.
Bosherston In Bleak Mid-Winter
Bumblebees are very effective pollinators of raspberries. In fact, often superiorly to honey bees. Studies with Rubus idaeus in Scotland found that bumblebees outperform them.
Orange Tail




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