A Balance Of Nature
Pollen is carried back to the nest in pollen baskets on the two hind legs. When both of her baskets are full, they can weigh an incredible 50% of the worker's body weight.
A Sweet But Heavy Load
A Tasty Meal
Exmoor is an area of high moorland and of outstanding beauty in south western Britain. Exmoor ponies have inhabited the moor since ancient times. It is the oldest British pony.
An Ancient Breed
The House Sparrow, Passer domesticus, is the most widely distributed bird worldwide. UK numbers have lately declined drastically. Here, a male shares 'lunch' with his mate.
As Though Kissing
Insects are cold blooded creatures, and this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly makes the most of the summer sunshine by sunning itself on golden Buddleja globosa blossom. Bliss !
Basking In The Sun
Bee On Globe Thistle
Male Early Bumblebee feeding on Tayberry blossom. A recent survey shows that solitary bees are twice as likely to pollinate flowers they visit as their more colonial counterparts.
Black Faced Goats
In 'mating wheel' formation. Damselflies (here Ischnura elegans), differ from dragonflies in that their wings are closed at rest. The male is the upper damselfly here.
Blue-Tailed Demoiselles
Bridging The Gap
Covered In Chocolate
Cuddling Squirrels
Bumblebees feed on both nectar and pollen. Nectar is a sugary liquid which gives bees energy. Pollen is full of protein. It helps the body to grow and is also fed to young bees.
Early Bumblebee Male Feeding
Though similar looking and living within close proximity of Dartmoor ponies, the Exmoor' is a different breed and on the 'endangered' list. Exmoor ponies have no white markings.
Exmoor Mother And Foal
Family Day Out
First Steps
Gathering Nuts For Winter
Golden Flower
Buddleja globosa, an attractive golden yellow globed variety, also known as the Orange Ball Tree, is a magnet for butterflies such as the Small Tortoiseshell, pictured here.
Golden Globes
Male bumblebees are adept at clinging to flowers. Even upside down. To help facilitate this, the tibia of its hind legs are convex, whereas those of female bumblebees are concave.
Hanging On For Life
Hanging On For Supper
Skomer puffin waiting for his mate
He Always Waits
Here He Comes !




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