A Heart Laid Open
A Heart Revealed
A Treat Before Bedtime
An Impossible Pear
A Rustic Country Table
A Rustic Country Table G
A drop is a small column of liquid, bounded entirely, or almost so, by free surfaces. Its surface is subject to constant perpendicular stress and zero parallel shear stress,
Blue Water Drop
Coffee tree berries are picked, dried and stripped until all that's left is a green bean.
Coffee Grains
Fig in Red Light
Fig in White Light
Fig - mono 1
Fig - mono 2
Fire And Ice
Green Lanterns
Harmonica Gold
Harmonica Silver
His Quiet Hour
Water has a very high surface tension. When the volume of water is small, surface tension is by far the strongest force at work. This force is responsible for the amazing splashes seen.
The health-giving, antioxidant-rich cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), is native to swamps and bogs of north eastern America and it is actually a member of the Heather (Ericaceae), family.
Just Cranberries
Splash effects such as this one are the result of recoil or rebound effects of the surface responding to the sudden disturbance caused by a drop of water hitting the liquid surface.
Little Water Spike
Love And Lavender
Love-In-A-Mist in Macro
Love-In-A-Mist Macro Beauty




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