The Curious Sheep
The Edge Of The Marsh
The Fence
Newton House, an 18th century Gothic mansion in a remote corner of South West Wales. Visit on a Winter's day and dare you wander between it's ancient creaking walls ?
The House - Newton House, Dinefwr
At the end of a cool but sunny Autumnal day, dusk settles peacefully over the estuary of the River Tywi. Only the mournful cry of a curlew can be heard permeating the stillness.
The Marshes At Dusk
Sometimes, some places, some 'things' are best NOT left to the vivid imagination.
The Path
The Prairie, At Pembrey
The Remains Of The Day
The Tower
Watching the sun go down over Worm's Head, on the beautiful Gower Peninsula.
The Tryst
As recently as 1905 a passenger ferry would set sail from here, and cross the tidal Tywi to the picturesque village of Llansteffan. As of 2013 discussions are afoot to reinstate it.
The View From The Jetty
A haze of bluebells in a dappled shade wood. The epitome of an early summer in Britain.
The Woods
Through A Gateway
Two Friendly Donkeys
A zig-zagging wooden walkway leads the eye across rich lily ponds teeming with life.
Under A Silver Sky
Waiting For Supper
Walk With Me
As busy as it gets down in West Wales, this relatively modern harbour and marina development is home to the bobbing boats of pleasure seekers and fishermen alike.
Welsh Harbour
Worm's Head Engulfed In Sea Mist




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