Just Berries
In my country, Wales, our woolly friends outnumber humans by a ratio of THREE to ONE ! . . . . No jokes please.
Just Good Friends
Kymer's Way
In 1973 the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed, choosing the White Park cattle breed as its logo. Since then numbers of this breed surviving have risen from 60 to almost 800.
Lady Of The Manor
Welsh castles are impressive structures and most were constructed in the 12th, or 13th, centuries. Many, like this one in West Wales, were built to keep out the local inhabitants.
Land Of Castles And Princesses
Let Me Tell You A Secret
Lightning Oak
This small reflector lighthouse, built in 1842, looks out upon Gower and beyond.
Little Lighthouse
Love On The Rocks
Marloes Sands
Standing eerily behind this little cottage in a remote part of West Wales, a lone survivor of a petrified forest. It's flailing imbs creating an illusion not unlike Medusa's serpent tresses.
Medusa's Cottage
Mr Whiskers
As a region famous for its cockling traditions, spanning back to Roman times, cockles are harvested from the sandy flats and are eaten locally and exported as a delicacy worldwide.
On The Trail Of The Cocklers
Optical Ill-ewe-sion
Playing Peek-A-Boo
Puffin At Roost
In the middle ages red clover was worn as a charm to ward off evil spirits and witches.
Red Clover
Beyond this French cottage garden, a pebble stone courtyard, an old stone country home, crochet laced windows, blue watering cans, provence cloth, pressed glass, wire baskets.
Scents Of Summer
In springtime, swathes of bluebells carpet the ground beneath awakening beech trees. Such woodlands are ideal for walkers wishing to stroll beneath the sun dappled canopies.
Signs Of Springtime
St Catherine's Isle
Sunset On The Gwendraeth Marshes
Located near the village of Lamberhurst in the valley of the river Bewl in Kent, England, the old, decaying, lakeside boathouse of the Scotney Castle estate, has seen better days.
The Boathouse
The Broken Heart
White Park Cattle, a very old and rare breed of cattle, have been kept in Britain for more than 2,000 years. They are closely related to prized wild White Cattle of Medieval times.
The Bull




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