Red Poppies
Scarlet Runner
Beyond this French cottage garden, a pebble stone courtyard, an old stone country home, crochet laced windows, blue watering cans, provence cloth, pressed glass, wire baskets.
Scents Of Summer
A pretty old fashioned perennial, with its pink flowers and silvery leaves, Dianthus 'Pink', is a favourite amongst those wanting to create the quintessential English cottage garden.
Sea Pink
In springtime, swathes of bluebells carpet the ground beneath awakening beech trees. Such woodlands are ideal for walkers wishing to stroll beneath the sun dappled canopies.
Signs Of Springtime
Normally seen from the end of March, but even December UK sightings do occur.
Sitting Pretty
Concours des villes et villages fleuris began in 1959, rewarding town 'green space' creation.
St Cyprien
Teasel seeds are a valuable winter food resource for Goldfinch and many other birds.
Teasel Cottage
The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly is in decline in parts of Britain. A parasitic fly, Sturmia bella, lays its eggs on its favourite food plants and they are then eaten by this beauty.
The Beautiful Butterfly
Sea Pink, or Thrift, is the 'county flower' of the Isles of Scilly and thrives in salty, windswept environments. It's perfect for gravel and rock gardens and insects love it !
The Beautiful Forest
The Bee
Located near the village of Lamberhurst in the valley of the river Bewl in Kent, England, the old, decaying, lakeside boathouse of the Scotney Castle estate, has seen better days.
The Boathouse
The Broken Heart
All parts of the dandelion are useful and In the 1800s people would replace grass in their plots to make room for dandelions. The name dandelion is from the French, “dent-de-lion”.
The Dandelion
The Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum), or Early Nesting Bumblebee. This female is feeding on Cotoneaster. They also love to forage on daisies, white clover and lavender.
The Early Bumblebee
The Gatehouse
The Insect
The Kiss
The Little Parasol
Sometimes, some places, some 'things' are best NOT left to the vivid imagination.
The Path
The Web
A haze of bluebells in a dappled shade wood. The epitome of an early summer in Britain.
The Woods
Through A Gateway
Courtship behaviour of Tortoiseshells is peculiar. A male approaches the female from behind, drums his antennae on her wings; A feint sound audible even to the human ear.
Tortoiseshell Butterfly At Rest
Umbrellas For Fairies




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