Apis mellifera, the honeybee, pollinating a perennial cornflower (Centaurea montana), or Bachelor's Button. The flower, though not native to Britain, can be found in the wild.
Honeybee Pollinating Cornflower
The sweet scent of honeysuckle attracts moths which feed on the flowers at night.
Honeysuckle Rose
Fields have been reaped and deer are fat and ready for eating. So called because hunters can ride easily over the fields' stubble, where foxes and other animals are easily spotted.
Hunter's Moon
Just Berries
In France, the beautiful, informal rambling gardens that we normally refer to as 'cottage gardens', are usually called 'jardin de cure' (priests garden) or the 'grandmothers garden.
La Petite Maison Française
Horsetail (Equisetum sp.), is related to large plants that grew 270 million years ago.
Land Of The Giants
Lightning Oak
Lotus seeds are valued for their nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine.
Lotus Seed Head
Love And Lavender
Love-In-A-Mist in Macro
Love-In-A-Mist Macro Beauty
Love-In-A-Mist 'Serpents'
Clematis are considered by many as difficult to cultivate. But given plenty of sunlight, a sheltered location, good support and moist, shaded rooting, they reward handsomly.
Montana Marjorie In Bloom
Moonlit Poppies
Nature's Little Miracles
Now You See Me
Orange Dazzle
Pink Anemone
Pink Carnation
Poppy Breeze 1
Poppy Breeze 2
Purple And Gold
Rare Purple Orchid




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