A Balance Of Nature
A Fairy's Grotto
France has five climactic zones. The long hot summers of Dordogne and its  microclimate, on average seven degrees warmer than UK, are ideal for stunning climbers like Campsis.
A Golden Summer
A Purple Bouquet
A Secret Garden
A Splash Of Purple
A Table For Elves
All The Pinks
Alligator Or Plant ?
Arrows and Stars
The spectacular carpeted displays of English bluebells of British woodlands are only seen in northern Europe. Th UK hosts more than half of the world's population of bluebells.
A Very English Bluebell
Aquilegia Pink
Autumn Leaf
Bee On Globe Thistle
Beeches Of Bronze
Campanulas (here Campanula persicifolia), are delicate, pretty perennials, often favoured by keen cottage gardeners. Also known as Harebell or Bellflower, its name is from Latin, 'little bell'.
Bellflower Blue
Native bluebells thrive in woodland shade, in moist substrates, rich in organic matter.
Bishop Of Llandaff
The common name of harebell alludes to folk beliefs that it grew in places frequented by hares, or that witches used juices squeezed from the flower to turn themselves into hares.
Blue Geraniums
From the Greek word for rainbow, irises are amongst the most elegant of flowers.
Blue Iris
A close-up glimpse of a Welsh woodland habitat. Beauty comes in small packages.
Bluebell And Fern
Bluebell Island, Skomer
Bluebell Path
A rich carpet of English bluebells brings back memories of spring ... and woodland walks.
Bluebell Wood




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