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Early Bumblebee Bombus pratorum on Cotoneaster Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
Clematis Montana 'Marjorie' flower Blue Iris Honeybee on Bachelor's Button Cornflower Centaurea montana

Blue Iris

From the Greek word for rainbow, irises are amongst the most elegant of flowers.

Horsetails Equisetum arvense
Campsis Trumpet Creeper flower
Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia
Clematis Montana Marjorie Sea Pink, Thrift, at Borth, Cardiganshire
Himalayan Blue Poppy Meconopsis baileyi Campsis Trumpet Creeper flower
Bluebell and Fern Sea Pink, Thrift
Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia Campsis Trumpet Creeper flower Forgotten Ways The Path English Bluebell

Clematis Montana 'Marjorie'

Introduced in 1980, 'Marjorie' was the first of the semi-double montana clematis. The flowers are a beautiful creamy pink, but, surprisingly, can turn green in cold weather.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais urticae), is common in Britain and often seen feeding on Buddleja. Its larger counterpart, though officially extinct in the UK, does occur.

The Early Bumblebee

The Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum), or Early Nesting Bumblebee. This female is feeding on Cotoneaster. They also love to forage on daisies, white clover and lavender.

Honeybee Pollinating Cornflower

Apis mellifera, the honeybee, pollinating a perennial cornflower (Centaurea montana), or Bachelor's Button. The flower, though not native to Britain, can be found in the wild.

The Beautiful Butterfly

The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly is in decline in parts of Britain. A parasitic fly, Sturmia bella, lays its eggs on its favourite food plants and they are then eaten by this beauty.

Land of The Giants

Horsetail (Equisetum sp.), is related to large plants that grew 270 million years ago.

Campsis In Bloom

The beautiful blossom of Campsis, or Trumpet Creeper, a woody perennial climber that can climb to 40 feet. Here, it is seen flowering in the sunshine of Southern France.

Sitting Pretty

Normally seen from the end of March, but even December UK sightings do occur.

Montana Marjorie In Bloom

Clematis are considered by many as difficult to cultivate. But given plenty of sunlight, a sheltered location, good support and moist, shaded rooting, they reward handsomly.

Borth's Hidden Gems

Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima), growing on the rocks near the pretty little Welsh seaside town of Borth. Also known as Sea Pink, this lovely flower thrives in salty environments.

Himalayan Blue

The beautiful poppy, Meconopsis baileyi, originates in the cold mountains of SE Tibet.

Elegant Campsis

Insects, but also birds such as orioles and humming birds, feed on the flower's nectar.

The Beautiful Forest

Sea Pink, or Thrift, is the 'county flower' of the Isles of Scilly and thrives in salty, windswept environments. It's perfect for gravel and rock gardens and insects love it !

Button Hole Beauty

A pretty old fashioned perennial, with its pink flowers and silvery leaves, Dianthus 'Pink', is a favourite amongst those wanting to create the quintessential English cottage garden.

Bluebell And Fern

A close-up glimpse of our Welsh woodland habitat. Beauty comes in small packages.

A Golden Summer

France has five climactic zones. The long hot summers of Dordogne and its  microclimate, on average seven degrees warmer than UK, are ideal for stunning climbers like Campsis.

The Path

Sometimes, in some places, some 'things' are best NOT left to the vivid imagination.

Forgotten Ways

Two Roads. I took the one less traveled by. . . . And that has made all the difference.

A Very English Bluebell

The spectacular carpeted displays of English bluebells of British woodlands are only seen in northern Europe. Th UK hosts more than half of the world's population of bluebells.

Dianthus Pink, an old fashioned cottage garden perennial


Some scented and some not, roses are often used as cut flowers and in the making of perfume. The petals are distilled to make oil, or attar. Rose water is also made in this way.

The Dandelion

All parts of the dandelion are useful and In the 1800s people would replace grass in their plots to make room for dandelions. The name dandelion is from the French, “dent-de-lion”.

Handel Rose Dandelion

Bellflower Blue

Campanulas (here C. persicifolia), are delicate, pretty perennials, often favoured by keen cottage gardeners. Also known as Harebell or Bellflower, its name is from Latin, 'little bell'.

Teasel Cottage

Teasel seeds are a valuable winter food resource for Goldfinch and many other birds.

Hanging On For Life

Male bumblebees are adept at clinging to flowers. Even upside down. To help facilitate this, tibia of its hind legs are convex, whereas those of female bumblebees are concave.

Bluebell Wood

A rich carpet of English bluebells brings back memories of spring ... and woodland walks.

The Boathouse

Located near the village of Lamberhurst in the valley of the river Bewl in Kent, England, the old, decaying, lakeside boathouse of the Scotney Castle estate, has seen better days.

Campanula White

Campanulas vary in size, shape, and plant form, but are usually various shades of blue, lavender, and white. They bloom from late spring into throughout summer.

Campanula Blue

Campanulas thrive in moist, well-drained, soils and dead-heading extends the flowering period. It's said beekeepers use Canterbury Bells for making potently sweet honey.

Lotus Seed Head

Lotus seeds are valued for their nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine.

Scents Of Summer

Beyond this French cottage garden, a pebble stone courtyard, an old stone country home, crochet laced windows, blue watering cans, provence cloth, pressed glass, wire baskets.

Honeysuckle Rose

The sweet scent of honeysuckle attracts moths which feed on the flowers at night.

A Welsh Bluebell Woodland Teasel, Loved by Goldfinches The Old Boathouse in the Grounds of Beautiful Scotney Castle, Kent Bellflower, Campanula persicifolia. The Harebell Bellflower, Campanula persicifolia. The Harebell Scents Of Summer GPweb WM 12x10 Sweet Honeysuckle GPweb WM 10x12


The common name of harebell alludes to folk beliefs that it grew in places frequented by hares, or that witches used juices squeezed from the flower to turn themselves into hares.


Plant Campanula if you'd like to attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden. Its self-fertile hermaphrodite flowers are pollinated by bees, flies, beetles, moths and butterflies.

Bellflower, Campanula persicifolia. The Harebell Bellflower, Campanula persicifolia. The Harebell

St Cyprien

Concours des villes et villages fleuris began in 1959, rewarding town 'green space' creation.

Sea Pink

A pretty old fashioned perennial, with its pink flowers and silvery leaves, Dianthus 'Pink', is a favourite amongst those wanting to create the quintessential English cottage garden.

Male Bumblebee Lotus Head GPweb WM 10x12


Known scientifically as Myosotis, their name comes from the Greek word 'mus', for mouse and 'otis', for ears, the latter referring to the leaves that are shaped like little mouse ears.

Edge Of Bluebell Wood

Deer are not known to forage for bluebells, but, with the native English bluebell now under severe threat from its invasive Spanish relative, it pays to enclose precious habitats.

At The Edge Of Bluebell Wood, Parc Dinefwr Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis

La Petite Maison Française

In France, the beautiful, informal rambling gardens that we normally refer to as 'cottage gardens', are usually called 'jardin de cure' (priests garden) or the 'grandmothers garden.


Native bluebells thrive in woodland shade, in moist substrates, rich in organic matter.

Red Clover

In the middle ages red clover was worn as a charm to ward off evil spirits and witches.

Teasel in an Untypical French 'Cottage Garden' Red Clover, Guardian Against Evil Spirits Wild English Bluebells

Hunter's Moon

Fields have been reaped and deer are fat and ready for eating. So called because hunters can ride easily over the fields' stubble, where foxes and other animals are easily spotted.

The Woods

Swarthes of bluebell haze in a dappled shade wood. Typical of early summer in Britain.

Signs Of Springtime

In springtime, swathes of bluebells carpet the ground beneath awakening beech trees. Such woodlands are ideal for walkers wishing to stroll beneath the sun dappled canopies.

A Dappled Canopy Of Beech Leaves Heralds In Springtime In Wales An October Hunter's Moon Bluebell Woodland, Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo
Sea Pink, Thrift, Growing Wild on the Shores of Borth, West Wales Concours des Villes, St Cyprien Bellflower, Campanula persicifolia. The Harebell


The Gatehouse


Corn Marigold


Golden Flower


Arrows and Stars


DSC_0376 ed1 12x16 WM 12x16cm DSC_0394 ed1 WM 16x12cm DSC_0419 ed1 1024 bw WM new 12x16cm DSC_0475 ed1 1024 bw 12x10cm

Love-In-A-Mist Macro Beauty

Love-In-A-Mist in Macro

Love-In-A-Mist 'Serpents'

DSC_0044 ed1 s30 f56 Neat WM new 16x12 DSC_0073 ed1 2s f29 Neat WM 16x12 DSC_0078 ed1 1s f29 3tubes Neat WM 16x12 DSC_0100 1s f29 1024 Neat ed1 WM 12x10cm DSC_0198 ed1 12x16 WM 12x16cm DSC_0346 ed1 12x16 WM 2 12x16cm

Love And Lavender

The Bee

Rare Purple Orchid

DSC_0510 ed1 WM 10x12cm DSC_0293 ed2 WM 12x16cm DSC_0436 ed1 16x12 WM 16x12cm DSC_0316 ed1 WM16x12cm

Through A Gateway

A Secret Garden

Walk With Me

Beeches Of Bronze

DSC_0010 ed3 WM 10x12cm DSC_0060 WM new 12x16cm DSC_0088 ed3 WM 1024 16x12 DSC_0099 ed2 WM 16x12cm

A Balance Of Nature

Just Berries

Harvest Time

Nature's Little Miracles

DSC_0269 ed2 WM 12x12cm DSC_0369 ed2 WM 12x12cm

The Insect



Covered In Chocolate

Purple And Gold

Aquilegia Pink

Dusty Blues

DSC_0008 ed2 WM 1024 10x12cm DSC_0331 ed1 1024 WM new 12x16cm DSC_0033 WM new 16x12 DSC_0319 ed1 WM 12x10cm

Crossing Over



The Kiss

DSC_0097 WM new 10x12cm DSC_0288 ed2 WM 10x12cm DSC_0341 ed1 WM 12x10cm DSC_0360 WM new WM 16x12cm Autumn Leaf 8x6 WM

Autumn Leaf

Dark Anemone

Orange Dazzle 6x5 WM Ivy 8x6 WM


Orange Dazzle

Bee On Globe Thistle

Pink Anemone

Alligator Or Plant ?

Dark Anemone 5x6 WM Pink Anemone 5x6 WM Bee On Globe Thistle 8x6 WM Alligator or Plant 8x6 WM The Broken Heart Tree 6x8 Scarlet Runner 5x6 WM Pink Carnation 6x5 WM A Purple Bouquet 8x6 WM

Scarlet Runner

A Purple Bouquet

The Broken Heart

Pink Carnation

Umbrellas For Fairies

A Fairy's Grotto

A Table For Elves

A Table For Elves 8x6 WM A Fairy's Grotto 8x6 WM Umbrellas For Fairies 8x6 WM

Bishop Of Llandaff

Bishop Of Llandaff is a dahlia, which is short-in height and looks stunning in displays.

Bishop Of Llandaff 10x12 WM The Little Parasol 6x8 WM The Lightening Oak 5x6 WM Now You See Me 6x6 WM Fragile 8x6 WM

Now You See Me

The Little Parasol

The Web

Lightning Oak


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Red Poppies

Blue Geraniums

Moonlit Poppies

A Splash Of Purple

A Splash of Purple Moonlit Red Poppies Red Poppies Blue Geraniums

Bluebell Path

All The Pinks


Bluebell Island, Skomer

All The Pinks Bluebell Island, Skomer Chives Bluebell Path

Wild Poppies

Welsh Poppy

Poppy Breeze 1

Poppy Breeze 2

Dancing Daisies

Poppy Breeze 2 Poppy Breeze 1 Dancing Daisies Welsh Poppy Wild Poppies

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