Boardwalk Over Lily Ponds The Jetty at Ferryside to Llansteffan
Horsetails Equisetum arvense
A buoy stranded on sand in a Welsh harbour Sea Pink, Thrift, at Borth, Cardiganshire
Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire
Sea Pink, Thrift

Under A Silver Sky

A zig-zagging wooden walkway leads the eye across rich lily ponds teeming with life.

The View From The Jetty

As recently as 1905 a passenger ferry would set sail from here, and cross the tidal Tywi to the picturesque village of Llansteffan. As of 2013 discussions are afoot to reinstate it.

Land of The Giants

Horsetail (Equisetum sp.), is related to large plants that grew 270 million years ago.


In UK waters, green starboard buoys tell mariners that they must 'keep to the left'.

Borth's Hidden Gems

Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima), growing on the rocks near the pretty little Welsh seaside town of Borth. Also known as Sea Pink, this lovely flower thrives in salty environments.

It's Behind You !

Popular with surfers, Whitesands beach in West Wales, boasts waves up to 10 feet high. At this beautiful, unspoilt spot, the impressive crags of Carn Llidi and Penbiri guard the bay.

The Beautiful Forest

Sea Pink, or Thrift, is the 'county flower' of the Isles of Scilly and thrives in salty, windswept environments. It's perfect for gravel and rock gardens and insects love it !

Lotus Seed Head

Lotus seeds are valued for their nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine.

All That Remains

Many a ship setting sail from North America heading for Dublin, Bristol, or even France, has, due to stormy, gale-ridden Irish Seas, foundered helplessly on the wild Welsh coast.


Talley's sacred burial ground is looked down upon by majestic ruins of its (c. 1187), abbey.

Lotus Head GPweb WM 10x12

The Day Before 'Carnaval'

A very beautiful sight in French market towns during festival. Each building, tree, street and post is decorated with 'flowers' made from plastic bags of all colours. A treat to behold.

Carnaval In A French Town

Hunter's Moon

Fields have been reaped and deer are fat and ready for eating. So called because hunters can ride easily over the fields' stubble, where foxes and other animals are easily spotted.


Balcony parasols in the ancient town of Najac. Perfect for those lazy summer evenings.

An October Hunter's Moon Sunny Day Parasols Adorn A Balcony Of A House In Beautiful Najac
Ancient Remains of a Shipwreck On The 'Silk Back'. Talley Church Graveyard and Talley Abbey Nearby


James Bond 007 ? Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire Dr Who ? No. A Springer Spaniel waits for a call

Splash !

Daniel Craig (aka Mr Bond), eat your heart out ! A brave early morning 'dipper' emerges from the icy surf of Whitesands Bay one grey and chilly January day. Rather him than me !

Emergency Shower 999

A patiently attendant English Springer Spaniel stands by in this surreal scene in rural West Wales. Who will emerge? A wet and soapy superhero? Or, perhaps even, a Time Lord?


The Gatehouse

Sudeley, Home Of Katherine Parr

The Tithe Barn

DSC_0419 ed1 1024 bw WM new 12x16cm DSC_0540 ed1 12X16 bw1 12x16cm DSC_0465 ed1 16x12 IR WM 16x12cm DSC_0534 ed1 16x12 IR 16x12cm

Sudeley Church

Sudeley Church bw

Arrows And Stars

DSC_0475 ed1 1024 bw 12x10cm DSC_0575 ed1 12x16 12x16cm DSC_0575 ed1 12x16 bw2 12x16cm


Illusions bw

DSC_0269 ed2 bw vivid landscape WM 12x12cm DSC_0269 ed2 WM 12x12cm DSC_0510 ed1 WM 10x12cm DSC_0316 ed1 WM16x12cm DSC_0724 WM new 16x12cm DSC_0550 WM new 16x12cm

Arrows And Stars

The Avenue

Guiting Power

Through A Gateway

Autumn Leaf 8x6 WM

Autumn Leaf

Dark Anemone

Alligator Or Plant ?

Dark Anemone 5x6 WM Alligator or Plant 8x6 WM The Broken Heart Tree 6x8

The Broken Heart

Umbrellas For Fairies

A Fairy's Grotto

A Table For Elves

A Table For Elves 8x6 WM A Fairy's Grotto 8x6 WM Umbrellas For Fairies 8x6 WM Now You See Me 6x6 WM

Now You See Me

London City Lights - Holborn Viaduct

DSC_0230 ed1 WM2 8x6


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Vintage Capone

The Well

Charles Bridge At Night

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Baby


The Trabant

The Tower

Charles Bridge at Night Vintage Capone The Well A Streetcar Named Desire The Tower The Baby The Trabant Hung

Giant's Footprints, Pembrey Forest

March Of The Penguins

At Pembrey, Old Harbour

Bluebell Island, Skomer

Silk Tide

Kymer's Way

Tracks Along The Towy, Ferryside

The Old Boat At Laugharne

At Pembrey, Old Harbour March Of The Penguins Giant's Footprints, Pembrey Forest Bluebell Island, Skomer The Old Boat At Laugharne Silk Tide Tracks Along The Towy, Ferryside Kymer's Way

Low Tide, Tenby

The Discovery Centre, Llanelli

The Vicky Leigh, At Ferryside

Cydweli Marshes

Waiting For Supper

The Fence

Wild Poppies

Whiteford Lighthouse

The Vicky Leigh, At Ferryside Cydweli Marshes Low Tide, Tenby The Discovery Centre, Llanelli The Fence Waiting For Supper Wild Poppies Whiteford Lighthouse


Pembrey Old Harbour

Tenby Boats

Burry Port Light

Pembrey Old Harbour Burry Port Light Chives Tenby Boats

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